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About DTS
Eugene W. Pond is a former faculty member of DTS. This page is maintained as a reference.

Eugene W. Pond

Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dean of Assessment, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

BS, University of Southern California, 1973; MS, 1973; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1985; PhD, 2001.

Dr. Pond’s research interests are wide ranging, with memberships in professional societies for biblical studies, institutional research, and enrollment management. He seeks to develop systems that cause Christian organizations to focus on their mission and run more efficiently. A teacher of adults for over 30 years, Dr. Pond also is helping to lead a North Dallas church where he serves as a teaching elder. Dr. Pond and his wife, Carol, who teaches kindergarten at a Christian school, are committed to Christian education at both ends of the age spectrum.

Eugene W. Pond
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  1. Pond, Eugene W., "Who Are "The Least" of Jesus' Brothers in Matthew 25:40?." Bibliotheca Sacra 159, no. 636 (2002). 436-448.
  2. Pond, Eugene W., "Who Are the Sheep and Goats in Matthew 25:31-46?." Bibliotheca Sacra 159, no. 635 (2002). 288-301.
  3. Pond, Eugene W., "The Background and Timing of the Judgment of the Sheep and Goats." Bibliotheca Sacra 159, no. 634 (2002). 201-220.

Academic Interests

  • Enrollment services
  • Institutional research
  • Institutional effectiveness
  • Educational assessment
  • Old Testament historical and poetical books
  • The Gospels and Acts

Personal Interests

  • Backpacking and camping
  • Music
  • Social board and table games
  • Computer simulations
  • Spectator sports