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About DTS

Jerry E. Lawrence

Adjunct Professor in Educational Ministries and Leadership, Alumni & Placement Coordinator

BBA, Baylor University, 1983; MA(BS), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1991; MA/CE, 1995; DMin, 2005.

Dr. Jerry Lawrence has a deep love for children of all ages and a strong commitment to faith development in families. As an adjunct professor in the Educational Ministries and Leadership department, Dr. Lawrence, who teaches courses in children’s ministry and creativity, has over twenty years of experience developing and overseeing children’s ministry in small, medium, and large churches; training and equipping staff and volunteers; and organizing special events and outreach opportunities. Working at Dallas Seminary as an Alumni and Placement counselor, Dr. Lawrence continues to be involved in children’s ministry in her local church, and takes great delight in talking and spending time with children—especially her twelve nieces and nephews.

Jerry E. Lawrence
Stearns 010
  • EML220 - Creativity
  • EML405 - Early Faith Foundations
  • EML410 - Children's Ministry in the Church
  • EML412 - Ministry to Children at Risk
  • DM103 - Applied Research Project
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Academic Interests

  • Children's ministry
  • Faith and development in children
  • Creativity
  • Children at Risk

Personal Interests

  • Antique Shopping
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Craft and Home Improvement Projects