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About DTS

Linden D. McLaughlin

Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership, Assistant to the Academic Dean for Assessment

BA, Austin College, 1978; MA, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1985; PhD, University of North Texas, 2002.

Dr. McLaughlin brings a love for the church to the classroom. His forty years of ministry encompass aspects of church administration and Christian education. He brings to DTS a wide variety of experience, ranging from campus staff minister for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to a guest professorship at the Greek Bible Institute in Athens. Dr. McLaughlin also has been active on the boards of the Texas Sunday School Association and the Professional Association of Christian Educators.

Linden D. McLaughlin
FAB 123
  • EML103 - Teaching Process
  • EML315 - Introduction to Christian Mentoring and Coaching
  • EML101 - Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership
  • EML102 - History & Philosophy of Christian Education
  • EML220 - Creativity
  • EML305 - Dynamics of Christian Leadership
  • EML425 - Church Ministries with Adults
  • EML440 - Single & Senior Adult Ministry in the Local Church
  • DM103 - Applied Research Project
  • DM305 - Select Topics of CE Issues in Today's Ministry
  • DM340 - Strategic Resource Development
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Academic Interests

  • Children's ministries
  • Pastoring in Christian education
  • Ministry program development