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J. Scott Horrell

Professor of Theological Studies

AB, Seattle Pacific University, 1971; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1977; ThD, 1988; Visiting Scholar, Tyndale House, Cambridge, England, 1993.

Dr. Horrell has been a missionary and theologian in various world cultures, in addition to evangelism and church-planting with World Team, InterVarsity, and Youth with a Mission (YWAM). Along with teaching in several seminaries and cofounding and editing a leading Latin American theological journal, he has written several books in Portuguese and English. He serves as adjunct faculty at SETECA (Guatemala), JETS (Jordan), and CDL (Mozambique). He desires to strengthen believers in the doctrinal truths of the Bible, a Trinitarian framework of life, and an understanding of global Christian faith.

J. Scott Horrell
  • ST102 - Trinitarianism
  • ST104 - Soteriology
  • ST295 - Systematic Theology Colloquium
  • ST415 - Theology & World Religions
  • ST101 - Theological Method and Bibliology
  • ST103 - Angelology, Anthropology, & Hamartiology
  • TS2005 - Sem in Systematic Theology
  • DM103 - Applied Research Project
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Academic Interests

  • Prolegomena
  • Trinitarianism/Christology
  • Angelology
  • Soteriology
  • Missions
  • World Christianity
  • World religions
  • Art

Personal Interests

  • Grandchildren
  • Missions again
  • Exec. Board
  • Children’s Relief International (VP Overseas operations)