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About DTS
Willie O. Peterson is a former faculty member of DTS. This page is maintained as a reference.

Willie O. Peterson

Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries

DB, Southern Bible Institute, 1969; BA, Dallas Baptist College, 1983; MA(BS), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1986; DMin, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1994.

Dr. Willie Peterson served as a pastor of churches in Texas and Oregon for thirty-eight years before retiring in 2003. He has served as assistant director for the Doctor of Ministry Studies at Dallas Seminary and the vice president for the Urban Evangelical Mission. He also has a recognized International Conference Speaking ministry across Africa, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. In 2006 Dr. Peterson conducted a spiritual life retreat in Garmisch, Germany, for all U.S. Military chaplains serving in Europe. He maintains an extensive consulting ministry to various denominations and evangelical organizations such as the Evangelical Covenant Church, Episcopal churches, the Mosaix Global Network, and the Navigators.

Willie O. Peterson
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Academic Interests

  • Urban ministry
  • Church consulting
  • Church leadership
  • Spiritual development