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Anda Mogos

Anda Mogos

Ben and Anda Mogos

Although Ben and Anda Mogos were raised under opposite circumstances, as a couple they couldn’t be more unified in their love for Christ and their desire to serve Him. Both began their lives under communist oppression in Romania.

Ben grew up in Transylvania, where his earliest memories are of his father and grandfather covertly sharing Christ and his mother reproducing cherished Christian books by retyping them using carbon paper. Ben wondered why his family could only show the Jesus film late at night with curtains tightly drawn.

When a junior in high school, Ben sensed God’s call to ministry. He attended Baptist Bible College in Bucharest, earned a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries, then served as an assistant pastor. The challenges of ministry made him long for further training. So “when the Lord opened the door for us to come to DTS, it was absolutely a dream come true,” Ben shares. “The Lord made it possible for us to be here. It would have been impossible if DTS hadn’t offered us a scholarship. We came to the U.S. with $250 in our pockets and zero money in the bank.”

Ben is nearly finished with his Master of Theology in Academic Ministry degree, yet is still as excited as the day he arrived. “ I feel so blessed. DTS is a place where the Word of God is handled properly and integrity is being modeled, and I want to take this home to Romania. I am passionate about learning how to preach the Word of God, and learning how to do education and ministry in the church so that we will see more discipleship and more disciples for Christ. I think of the impact that the education we’re getting here can have back home in Romania, and we’re praying for that. We can dream about that while being here at DTS, and I just can’t wait to go back home and serve the Lord Jesus Christ there as a seminary professor, and as a pastor in a local church.”

“When I was born,” Anda shares, “my father was an officer in the Romanian army. He was a convinced Communist. He was involved with the Communist Party, was very passionate about Communism and atheism. In fact, his dream was to write a book proving that God did not exist, using arguments from the Scripture, so it’s no wonder that, until I was eleven, I had never even heard the name of Jesus Christ.”

In spite of her father’s efforts to raise her and her sister as strong atheists and Communists, Anda says there was never a time in her life when she felt that God didn’t exist. “I remember being six and sitting at the kitchen table with my dad and trying to convince him to believe in God. Where I got that I don’t know, but the Lord is amazing!”

“When I was nine the Revolution took place in Romania. Two years after that, the Lord amazingly took hold of my father’s heart and he became a Christian. And with him, all of our family started a journey toward Christ. But it wasn’t until a few years later, when my father was diagnosed with leukemia, that I truly became a Christian, and surrendered my heart completely to God.

“The Lord continued to pursue our family, and my father felt that, regardless of how much longer he would live, he wanted to live that for the Lord, to make up for all the years He had spent away from Him.” Her father went back to school, got a seminary degree, returned to the military and became the first Evangelical chaplain in the history of Romania. “As all this was going on in my family, I felt that with my new-found faith in God there was no way I could invest my life in anything else but ministry.”

After Ben and Anda married, they poured themselves into full-time ministry. “We loved it!” she exclaims. “We love people; we put everything we had in it, but it turned out to be so hard, as we were trying to share Christ with people, to walk with them through their struggles... . One thing that kept coming over and over to our minds was ‘We need more training. We have no idea how to deal with these things.”’ That began their journey toward DTS.

“It was nothing short of walking on water what the Lord did to bring us here,” Anda recalls. Along with their training, she and Ben and have been refreshed and encouraged during their time at Dallas Seminary. It has been a time of enjoying the Lord and seeing Him change lives. They are eager to take what they have learned back to Romania to minister to the many who will benefit from their training and experiences.

Anda has completed her Masters in Biblical Counseling at DTS, and is passionate about beginning a counseling ministry in Romania. “I will be ministering to the first generation of free Romanians. Romania is a free country now, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t know what true freedom is. I have a burden for them. I have a burden to tell them how Christ can impact their lives so that they will never be the same again. Because I have discovered ... that everything in life is about Him, because it’s all about Him.”