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Ben Pascut

Ben Pascut

When I graduated from college, like so many other fervent students, I wanted to change the world. Call it what you will, I was determined to make a difference, defy conventional wisdom, confront the status quo, and challenge the process. At that time, I was sure that these elevated aspirations were noble, but there was something wrong with my graduate enthusiasm: I was more interested in being recognized for having changed the world than anything else. But at DTS I learned that leadership is defined by servant-hood. Here, Dr. Darrell Bock, my professor and internship supervisor, has been my greatest inspiration in complementing charisma, commitment, creativity, and servant-hood. I was also encouraged to combine theory with practice and to approach theology from a wider spectrum, in which the study of Scripture is concerned with imaginative work that will assist me to promote and engage in practical matters for the church.

I came to DTS because I was convinced that theology presents the single greatest chance for me to make a difference, both in the life of the church and in terms of influencing the broader fabric of society. My education at DTS helped me develop a theological foundation that will assist me in the ministries of the church, but also in advancing the academic study of biblical literature and its cultural contexts.

Hoping to be a servant-leader, a catalyst of renewal and reform, I want to train other leaders in Eastern Europe, calling them to renew their minds by pursuing new ways of thinking, to create an environment for progress, and to engage in persuasive and authentic interactions. Through teaching in seminary and writing Christian literature, my vision is to equip other Christian leaders to better understand God’s Word and its relevancy to their lives and culture.

My degree from DTS will assist me in reaching my vocational goals, and consequently will make me an asset to my community, my country (Romania), and eventually the world.