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Brent Stake

Brent Stake

After serving as pastor for many years, I co-founded the International Learning Center of Jacksonville, Florida, where I also serve as chaplain. Without a solid understanding of English, many have a difficult time getting established in the U.S. To meet this practical need, the ILC teaches English as a second language along with a Bible lesson in a neutral setting so Muslims, Buddhists, and others are comfortable to come. Students have enrolled from over sixty countries, with several hundred coming to faith in Christ, and the establishment of a Muslim background believer fellowship.

My first memories of Dallas Seminary were the eight weeks of intense “baby Greek.” After cramming all night for the final exam, what a relief it was when Professor Phil Williams announced that we had been through enough and that he had decided to cancel the exam.

The greatest advice I received before I came to DTS was to “major in Howard Hendricks.” Other memories include playing intramural football with Tony Evans (ThM 76, ThD 82), Crazy Otto Book Sales, and being a member of the Class of 1976 and having the ceremony at First Baptist Church with all the patriotic red, white, and blue bunting draped from the balcony railings.

Without a doubt, the Seminary taught me to be a man of the Word with an unshakable confidence in the truth and veracity of Scripture. Dr. Haddon Robinson taught me how to preach the Big Idea. Drs. Dwight Pentecost, Bruce Waltke, and Harold Hoehner showed me how to exegete the Word. Dr. Charles Ryrie showed me how to take theology and simplify it to its essence. And “Prof” Hendricks helped me see the importance of taking all that I had learned and studied, gift wrap it, and put it on “the bottom shelf” so that everyone could understand.