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Dennis Mock

Dennis Mock

Dennis Mock is the founder and president of Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP). This program has trained nearly 14,000 pastors and church leaders in more than 70 countries. Currently there are almost 13,000 students in training.

“In the USA and in fact in Canada as well, BTCP is used as a lay institute in churches to train leaders and even pastoral staff,” he said. “Many churches in the U.S. use BTCP to equip their leadership and to give them a tool to take with them to the mission field. We are encouraged by the number of partner churches and ministries in North America expanding the reach of BTCP.”

In addition to being president of BTCP, Dennis is also pastor of Genesis Bible Church in Atlanta, which provides significant support for the ministry of BTCP overseas.

Dennis’ theological training is from Dallas Seminary. He chose the school after receiving his J.D. degree in 1969 from Emory University Law School in Atlanta.

“The Lord led me to understand that the last priority (seminary) on my list was the first on His, I began to consider 3 schools: Columbia Biblical Seminary in South Carolina, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, and DTS. As I evaluated each school it became clear that DTS offered the strongest program to prepare me for a teaching ministry.”

Dennis said that DTS provided him with a theological and biblical frame of reference through which he can view life and ministry from God’s perspective. What impacted him the most in his study at DTS was recognizing the authenticity and credibility of Scripture, which has transforming power.

“God’s Word does not come back void.”

Dennis was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and lived his whole life there in a typical middle-class neighborhood. Having attended a Southern Baptist Church he was open to the gospel and received Jesus Christ as his savior during a summer evangelistic crusade at his church when he was 16 years old. He had loving parents, along with two brothers—one older and one younger.

He graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree in history and English. For 13 years he practiced law (business and real estate) until he entered the ministry in 1982.

“I later realized that God did not waste those years of successful law practice. My legal training and experience proved quite valuable in writing curriculum that could be easily followed.”

BTCP has become Dennis’ life work. It developed out of a pastoral conference he conducted in Mombassa, Kenya, in 1988. For a week he taught and fellowshipped with 93 Kenyan and Ugandan Pastors, who had no formal theological training.

“God gave me a burden for these men and enabled me over the next 2 years to develop a 10-course, 2,200-page, 520-hour comprehensive curriculum.”

Over 30 translation projects are underway with 15 languages completed and in use, including: Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili.

“The BTCP curriculum represents a distillation of my personal study and teaching, material developed for Columbia Bible College as adjunct faculty and my MABS at DTS. Without my DTS training the development of the curriculum would not have been possible.”

The goal of BTCP overseas is to provide a quality biblical and theological education in an informal setting to pastors and church leaders all over the world who would otherwise go without training. BTCP is fully committed to the proposition that the most effective pastor, teacher, church planter, evangelist or church leader in a given culture is someone from that culture who has been adequately trained.

The curriculum can be viewed and downloaded from the web site at www.BibleTraining.com.

Dennis and his wife Patricia will have been married for 39 years this December and have 3 grown children: Cory (33) in Nashville, Tiffany (30) in Atlanta and Ryan (26) in California. They also have 5 grandchildren, ranging in age from 9 years to 4 months.

“Pat and I continue to grow in our relationship to each other and the Lord. Family is very important to us and we hope to have a positive impact on the grandkids.”

He and his wife enjoy spending time hiking, biking and traveling. They just returned from a vision trip to Cape Town, South Africa, and Nairobi, Kenya, to show and share the impact of BTCP with 10 others from among their church and supporters.

“I am very focused and firmly believe that in terms of ministry and life work that BTCP is, without question, the reason God put me on earth. For that I am grateful—just to be used by Him to help equip and train the body of Christ for the work of His ministry.”