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Ejin Cho

Ejin Cho

I am Ejin Cho, a Th. M. student in the Bible Translation track. I have just finished my second semester. This past year has been a blessing for me to study in DTS.

I was born in a Christian home in Seoul, South Korea. My parents have raised my sister, brother and me with prayers and faith in Jesus Christ. I was just a child who liked Bible stories, but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 14 years old in the summer Youth retreat in my Church. The Lord let me know the fact that the reason He was crucified is His love for me, the sinner.

I majored in English linguistics and literature in Seoul National University, and finished my MA in Linguistics in the same school. I had been just a girl who liked to read Jane Austen’s novels and Shakespeare’s sonnets before I took a linguistic anthropology course when I was a senior in college. In that course, I heard about the existence of the peoples who still do not have the Bible in their mother tongue, and I learned about the Bible translation work (even though my school was a secular school).

After finishing my MA, I worked as a Bible editor and international copyright coordinator in a Bible publishing company in South Korea. I also taught Korean language to international students at Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management in Seoul as an instructor for 2 1/2 years. I served as a training coordinator in GBT (Global Bible Translators: the name of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Korea) as well before I came to DTS.

I would like to serve in God’s will for the peoples who have not heard God’s word in their mother tongues, their heart languages yet after the study in DTS, including the joint study in GIAL (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Wycliffe). For I want to teach the heart of our Father, I want to feel the heart of our Father more, who loves the world. And I pray that the time in DTS would make me humble and teachable to know God deeply, obey Him thoroughly, and rejoice in Him always!