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Fouad Faris

Fouad FarisWhen Fouad Faris was asked to address the New York Jets, little did he know that he would speak to them less than two weeks after they had witnessed the most significant act of terrorism they had ever known.

“When the players saw me, I think they were surprised that the first person speaking to them after the tragic events would be a Christian Arab Palestinian,” Faris said. As the New England regional director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), he had little trouble identifying a topic. “Four athletes prevented the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania from doing even more damage. So I talked to the players about how these men modeled ‘finishing the course.’ There’s a reason to stick through to the end, and the greatest example of that was Jesus Christ.”

After graduating from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, Faris went to work full-time for FCA. He spent five years in Dallas, during which time he attended and graduated from Dallas Seminary with a master's degree in Biblical Studies. Then he moved to South Carolina, where he served on FCA staff for nine years. Two years ago, ministry leaders asked him to transfer to New England, which they considered one of the most difficult places in the country to minister. Today Faris sees it as a huge mission field, not only because of its high level of population but also because it attracts so many international students.

People frequently ask his perspective on events in the Middle East, and his answer sometimes surprises them: “Most of those dying there are lost, yet most Christians in this country are more concerned about the violence and bloodshed than the fact that they are dying and going to a Christless eternity.”

Faris reminds us that our most important priority in the Middle East must always be to share the gospel.