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Isaac Wheigar

Isaac Wheigar

Isaac Wheigar grew up in Liberia, West Africa. His father was a tribal chief with thirteen wives and eighty-four children. Isaac’s mother was his father’s head wife and as her firstborn son, Isaac was destined to be the next chief of his tribe. But God had other plans.

When he was twelve, Isaac left the village to live with an older brother in northern Liberia, where he became the first high school graduate in his family. He then moved to the capital, Monrovia, where he attended college and studied chemistry with plans to be a doctor. But once again God had other plans.

In early 1989, during his senior year of college, while taking a walk one day, Isaac became overwhelmed with the worries of life—how he would support himself, pay for his schooling, and what his future would hold. He had grown up in a church-going family, but most churches taught a mix of Christianity and animism and Isaac found no anchor for his soul in what he had learned. As he walked and fretted, A distinct message entered his mind “Do you know what your life would have been had I not plucked you from your village?”

As he pondered this thought, he realized the opportunities God had given him, especially his education. He walked back home and knelt by his bed and told the Lord he wanted Him to be the one who planned his steps. He also prayed that God would direct him to church in his community where he could be involved. He had no transportation so he wanted one close enough to have no excuse for failing to be involved. Soon Isaac was involved in a nearby church, where he poured himself into ministry. Since he had both passion and an education, he soon rose to leadership, within a few months, he was the church’s director of missions and evangelism.

Just a few months afterward, in December of 1989, rebel war broke out in Liberia and engulfed the country for the next fourteen years. University campuses became refugee camps, people ate roots and leaves to survive, there were no hospitals or medicine, yet Isaac faithfully ministered to his fellow Liberians throughout the war. It was during that time that he met his wife, Precious, and that he felt called to ministry. Over 200,000 people lost their lives, including his father and father-in-law, and many other relatives and friends. But God had other plans for Isaac and Precious.

From 1993 through 1997, Isaac attended Baptist Theological Seminary in Liberia, and he pastored full-time. He served for ten years as the head of his denomination, which involved overseeing as many as forty-five local churches.

During the war, with no formal government, students lost their opportunity for an education. The churches stepped in and formed schools so students, already traumatized by the war, could continue to learn. Because of this, currently seven out of ten Liberian children currently attend Christian schools.

Isaac realized that many of their teachers lacked formal training themselves, so he founded ACSOL, the Assocation of Christian Schools of Liberia, which currently benefits 30,000 students and 5,000 Christian school teachers. ASCOL’s goal is to expand that to more than 100,000 students over the next five years. In seeking to help teenagers develop a biblical world view, Isaac annually brought Probe Ministries’ Mind Games Conference into Liberia. It was Probe’s president, Ray Bolin, who suggested Isaac attend Dallas Theological Seminary. As president of his denomination, Isaac had visited the United States muliple times, so he visited DTS, applied, and was accepted and granted a full scholarship.

As Isaac ponders the opportunities God has given him, the way God has guided and directed him, and the evidence of God’s trumping Isaac’s plans with His much better plans, Isaac knows God has a plan and prays constantly that he’ll remain in the heart of it. His vision is to go back home and provide leadership for church planting and missions across West Africa. In Liberia alone, the Muslim population has increased over 400% in the past twelve years. Isaac has his work cut out for him.

As he prays for clarity regarding his future, Isaac shares his heart’s desire: “I don’t want to live one day outside of God’s will.”