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John Weber

John Weber
On Thursday, November 1, 2007, after this profile was written, John A. Weber went to be with the Lord.

Just as every time a football player walks out on the field he depends on years of strenuous training, John Weber relies on his training from Dallas Seminary for his role as chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys. The godly role models he found in the DTS professors and the knowledge he attained in his four years of study equipped him for his current ministry.

“I wouldn’t have had half the ministry I do now without my training at Dallas Seminary. I have a reservoir of information for teaching Bible studies and lifting up these professional athletes,” John said.

John was born on a farm in South Dakota. His parents led a Christian home where he learned how to be a father and a husband.

“My first memories are of my father holding me in church.”

He grew up as an athlete, wrestling and playing football all the way through college. God placed Christian coaches in his life who taught him how to play sports with ethics. But he did not begin his own relationship with Christ until his freshman year of college at Dakota Wesleyan University. After watching Billy Graham give a sermon on TV he was so moved by the message that he sent off for the follow-up material. At that point John knew he needed to know Jesus personally. Soon after that he met his wife, Carole.

“Carole was the prettiest cheerleader. We met and were married before our senior year.”

One of his coaches lost his wife to cancer, and his faithful reaction to this trauma inspired John to pursue Christian athletics as a ministry. Upon graduation from college, John was offered a graduate assistantship coaching wrestling and teaching in the physical education department at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

John and Carole Weber moved to Florida and {and John completed a Master’s Degree in Physical Education}. Upon graduation, John began working with the wrestling team of Athletes in Action. This work lasted for five years, during which time he and Carol attended Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Wednesday night Bible studies at the church were taught by Dallas Seminary graduates.

“Wednesday nights were my favorite nights. I loved the teaching I received there so much that I knew that I needed to go learn more and be better equipped myself—and Dallas Seminary was the place to do it.”

So the Webers moved to Dallas and John worked his way through seminary. He continued his ministry to college students through Campus Crusade for Christ. John graduated from Dallas Seminary in 1980, and soon after began as chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. John continued working with the Rangers through the 2000 season and now focuses on ministry with the Dallas Cowboys and retired athletes.

“This job allows me to see the best and worst of our culture. There are some athletes who are disciplined, motivated, and live godly lives. And then there are those whose lives spin out of control. I’m more convinced than ever that Christ is the only stabilizing influence.”

Christ has acted as an obvious stabilizing influence in the Weber family, and the family’s faith pulled them through as Carole battled breast cancer and survived. The Weber family includes four daughters, one son, and one grandchild.