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Laurie Weber

Laurie Weber

Although she had the highest GPA in Dallas Seminary’s 2003 graduating class, won three awards at graduation chapel, and is currently considering doctoral work, Laurie Weber said she doesn’t learn just for the sake of knowledge … for her, education builds the platform for communication—a means to transfer the learning to others and effect life change.

Laurie attended Cedarville University in Ohio and studied communication arts, with the goal of entering into politics and engaging in Christian political action. Like all students at Cedarville, Laurie took some Bible classes and was inspired by one of her Old Testament professors who gave her a view of the holiness of God. The realization that she did not know God as well as she wanted led Laurie to add a 90-hour Bible major for her own personal enrichment.

“One of the primary ways we know Him is through His Word.”

Her communication training seemed useless without a message to communicate, but as she studied the Bible more, she found that the message of life transformation in Scripture was the content she wanted to communicate.

“My worlds came together—the communication has always been a part of who I am, but the Lord brought into focus the desire to communicate His truth.”

During this time, Laurie was involved with various campus ministries. One was a program through Campus Crusade in which Cedarville students Christian students ministered to other secular campuses that didn’t have a Crusade staff. She was also a resident assistant in a dorm for a couple of years, which helped her develop discipling relationships. And she joined a street evangelism team called Open Heirs. God used each of these things in her life to direct her toward full-time ministry.

“I learned to put a priority on people in ministry, not on the ministry itself.”

With a great deal of encouragement from the Cedarville faculty, Laurie decided she needed more training to develop her gifts for ministry. So, she came to Dallas Seminary and entered the Th.M. program. During her time here, she excelled not only scholastically, but also in leadership through the Spiritual Formation program. It was through her position as a fellow with the Center for Christian Leadership that she was able to go to Spain and teach in partnership with Campus Crusade. She received focused feedback, which gave her teaching experience and confirmed her gift.

She went on to teach a course called “Rediscovering the Historical Jesus” at the Center for Biblical Studies and found more confirmation. Dr. Warren’s women’s preaching class also significantly challenged and impacted her.

“It opened my heart and horizons to the possibility of working with and training women.”

She graduated in May with concentrations in New Testament and Systematic Theology, although until just a few weeks ago she was still working on completing her thesis. She chose these concentrations because of her recognition of the theological illiteracy of today’s church and her desire to train, equip, and dialog with the culture.

And as far as what comes next, Laurie is still deciding between some very good options. She has found that her main motivation is to be an impacter, regardless of her role in ministry.

“What really drives me is the proclamation or communication of God’s Word in a way that brings life change. But that can take so many different forms.”

Laurie wants to be sure that her decision is intentional, so she is taking some time to “decompress” and seek His will. Currently she is serving in the position of assistant director of institutional research.

Laurie said that what she has most appreciated about her experience at Dallas Seminary is the relationships she was able to establish with the professors, on an academic as well as a personal level.

“I appreciate their willingness to make a difference. They show an integration of heart and mind, a balance of knowledge and care for students.”