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Michael Karpf

Michael Karpf

I am a missionary at Soka Evangelical Free Church in Soka, Japan, a suburb of Tokyo. I teach conversational English, an English Bible class, and lead an English worship service. On occasion I preach at the Japanese service with a translator. I have been in Soka since retiring from American Airlines as a reservations supervisor in 2005. I graduated from the Seminary in 1993, and while I was involved in short-term missions trips and itinerant preaching, I stayed in the Dallas area to care for my mother instead of pursuing full-time ministry. So to all who are waiting for a place of ministry, be patient. God will open the right doors at the right time. My time in Japan will end in March 2009. I am seeking a ministry role in which I can "Preach the Word." So please pray for God’s provision of a new place of ministry for me.

I have fond memories of my entire time at DTS. Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods was wonderful with “For the next hour.” And so was New Testament Introduction because we had lots of good “fellowship on paper.” I was very grateful to be able to take a class with Dr. Walvoord when his course Doctrine of the Rapture was offered. I also enjoyed interaction with my friends, particularly eating lunch with a friend at his Swiss Avenue apartment. Every time I’m in Dallas one of the high points is coming by the campus.

Of course, we didn’t have cell phones and the Internet then. I had my Macintosh SE with a 20MB hard drive. Interesting how technology has advanced so much. It took me five years to do the ThM, and I remember after two or three years thinking I would never see the end. But I think I can say my fondest memory was when I sat down after receiving my diploma from Dr. Campbell and realizing I did it!

The greatest contribution the Seminary made to my ministry was teaching me to “Preach the Word.” The professors gave me a foundation of Bible knowledge, pastoral theology, and systematic theology to build on. And I’m glad I studied Hebrew and Greek. But it isn’t the end. I’m still learning as I’m in ministry. I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for my education at Dallas Seminary.