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Paul Weaver

Paul Weaver

Paul Weaver became a Christian at the age of six after he heard a television broadcast about the assassination of an African political leader. Terrified, Paul asked his mother what happened to people when they die.

“She said that if I placed my faith in Christ for salvation that I too could spend eternity in heaven with God. Of course she also explained the alternative. So that day,” he says, “at my mother’s bedside, I prayed to accept Christ as my personal savior.”

Originally from Columbus, Indiana, Paul was raised in a Christian family with two brothers. He went on to attend Appalachian Bible College, where he majored in theology, with an emphasis in pastoral studies. At a college missions conference Paul decided to go into full-time ministry with Word of Life in Hungary.

“Knowing that I was going to serve as a Bible teacher with Word of Life Hungary,” Paul says, “I knew that I would need more training, more education, and more preparation. I ended up choosing Dallas Seminary for several reasons, one of which was the impact that my pastor had in my life, and he was a Dallas graduate.”

Once at Dallas Seminary, Paul says he was most impressed with the community of believers on campus.

“I loved being in the classes every day with well-qualified, well-known, and well-respected scholars,” he says. “I loved the interaction I had with the study body, with friends over lunch, and in the dorms as a single student, rehashing what we’d been learning in the classrooms. I loved going in the evenings on occasion to the homes of different faculty and enjoying fellowship with the professors,” particularly the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Constable, chair and senior professor of Bible Exposition.

Today Paul serves as academic dean at Word of Life Hungary as well as spearheads its internship program.

“I teach a variety of courses from Biblical Communication and World Religion to Introduction to Greek and New Testament Survey,” he says. “One of my responsibilities as academic dean is to develop new curriculum, to evaluate our present curriculum, and to look at what our mission and purpose is and how our courses and programs meet those purposes.

“One of the biggest challenges we are facing in higher education here in Hungary,” he adds, “is the level of solid Bible training. Right now there is virtually little to no conservative Bible education beyond a Bible institute level.”

The community that Paul first experienced on the Dallas campus has extended into Paul’s ministry in Eastern Europe. Since his 2003 graduation Paul has seen the reputation of Dallas Seminary—and his status as one of its graduates—open ministry doors for him worldwide.

“As a missionary, it has opened up many opportunities of ministry. It’s a great network of friends and likeminded seminary graduates around the United States. I go around the world and people are familiar with Dallas Seminary.”