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Peter M. Wallace

Peter M. Wallace

Alumni Spotlight on Peter Wallace (ThM 84)

Since early 2001, I have been the executive producer and the on-air host for a weekly national radio program called Day1, formerly known as The Protestant Hour. The program has aired every week for sixty-three years and features outstanding preachers from many mainline churches. Our program is distributed to 150 radio stations and also is available by podcast at day1.org. Day1 is produced by the Atlanta-based Alliance for Christian Media where I serve as vice president of programming. I'm also currently writing my eighth devotional book. My last two books are Living Loved and Out of the Quiet.

I have so many fond memories of my days at the Seminary (1979–1984) that it's impossible to pick just one. I would include every class with Prof Hendricks (and pretty much all my profs); getting up early for Greek; making terrific friends; living in the Seminary married housing for the first year; having two children; working in the Seminary PR department; and editing Kethiv Qere for two years. One of my favorite things was going to chapel every day and singing those great hymns at the top of my lungs with so many other students—glorious!

Though I have come a long way since my days at Dallas, I still regard my time there as an essential part of my spiritual formation and life journey. Without the experiences and training I had at the Seminary, I'm confident that my appreciation of the Bible and my joy in studying and sharing it would not be anywhere near as rich today.