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Stacey Kole

Stacey KoleThe daughter of a Christian illusionist, Stacey Kole’s life of 28 years has often been called “charmed,” referring to her outstanding beauty and success. Stacey (M.A.[BS] ’99) was Miss Arizona USA 1998 and placed sixth at the nationally televised Miss USA Pageant. But, accompanying her outward success has been a battle with an eating disorder and identity issues.

“This stemmed from strong perfectionistic tendencies,” Stacey said. Stacey wrote her first book while earning her undergraduate degree in communications from Biola. Satisfying the Starving Soul is a biblical recovery book for people who suffer from eating disorders.

“Through writing this book, I saw that not just eating-disordered women, but all women struggle to some extent or another with image, performance, people pleasing, and their own identities.”

She has been awarded the Pheonix Sun’s Quality of Life Award for her work in this area and was invited to speak at U.S. senator Harry Reid’s National Symposium on Eating Disorders.

Her most recent book, Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes, just came out this year and it reaches out to women who feel frustrated and defeated by the unrealistic standards the world imposes on them.

“Because my relationship with God was so critical to overcoming my identity struggles, I ultimately wound up writing this book as a way to encourage women to find their fulfillment through their relationship with God and their self-worth through their identity in Christ.”

As a traveling speaker with Campus Crusade for Christ, Stacey is now following in the footsteps of her father, André Kole, a world-renowned illusionist with Campus Crusade. Ironically, while Stacey is a professional public speaker with a degree in communications, André flunked a public speaking class in college at Arizona State University for using a “magic” trick to get the attention of his audience.

Her mother, Kathy, has served over the years as a type of manager for both Stacey and her dad. She greatly influenced Stacey’s spiritual development, encouraging her to pursue speaking and ministry.

Stacey speaks to university students nationwide, giving her personal testimony in the context of an educational presentation on eating disorders and self-esteem. She said her training at DTS gave her the confidence to “preach the Word.”

“I wanted to make sure that I had a solid biblical and theological foundation before I went into ministry.”

Stacey is also a professional print model and a consultant to aspiring pageant contestants in the Miss USA, Miss America, and Miss Teen USA pageant systems.

Her advice to women—whether they struggle with eating disorders, their body image, depression, or relationships—is that there are resources available to them, including counselors, medical doctors, the body of Christ, and His Word.

“The Lord wants us to use His resources … But ultimately, the energy and reason and hope to pursue any and all of this comes through the Holy Spirit. No earthly thing can bring true joy. Only God’s love and plan for our lives offer genuine fulfillment.” Stacey is married to Brent Shetler and they live in Tempe, Arizona.