Jorge Fraige

Jorge Fraige

International Admissions Counselor
(Se habla espanol)

ABS, Biblical Studies, The College of Biblical Studies, 2009; BS, Biblical Counseling, 2010; ThM, Pastoral Ministry and Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2015

Serving with DTS since: Summer 2013

Connect with Jorge:

Hello! Thank you for visiting our Admissions page! I am encouraged that you are considering DTS as your next step. DTS has been life-changing for me through its community, professors, and the quality of education. I completed my first two years at the Houston campus, then I moved to Dallas, and I plan to graduate in 2015. My life was transformed by the way DTS professors carefully handled the Word of God. If you feel God is leading you into vocational ministry, I would love to meet you and tell you how DTS can train you for effective service. Please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to meeting you!

One of the many things that has stood out to me about DTS is the community. From the Houston campus to the Dallas campus you are surrounded by students, staff, and faculty who genuinely care for others. Students love to help other students in any way, shape, or form. The staff works hard to make sure students have the best experience possible. Also, the faculty make themselves available any hour of the day to help you understand the material and properly handle the Word of God. The DTS community works as a team for the purpose of serving the body of Christ.

The genuine love of the students, staff, and faculty has made DTS a great place to be as I prepare for ministry. I want to make sure you have the same experience! Please do not hesitate to contact me. We are here to serve you!

What are your hobbies or outside interests?
Since I was in fifth grade I’ve played the saxophone, and whenever I get the chance I still like to play it. I also like to spend time by the water, whether it is at the beach or a nearby lake.

What made you decide to go to DTS?
I could not pass up on the fact that DTS takes you through all 66 books of the Bible, and because I’ve seen graduates who know how to carefully handle the Word of God.

What do you do on your day off?
I like to relax by watching a good movie (after I have caught up in Greek, of course).

What are your favorite foods?
I love to eat Mexican food, as well as cheeseburgers and pizza.

What is your favorite television show of all time?
Full House! It was my favorite show growing up.

What is the best part about working in the DTS admissions office?
The other people I serve with on the team! There is a genuine care and love for others here in Team Admissions. I am encouraged daily by all of them.

What is your favorite piece of literature?
The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

What is your favorite quote?
“Be prepared to pray any time, preach any time, and die any time.” – Dr. Steve Strauss

What is your favorite musical artist/group/genre of music?
I enjoy listening to hymns for the depth of theology found in them. On the more contemporary side, I enjoy listening to Tenth Avenue North, Leeland, and the Newsboys. I also enjoy listening to classical music, especially Beethoven and Mozart.

Who is the person you admire most and why?
A fellow DTS grad and fellow college grad from The College of Biblical Studies, David Harrison. He mentored me throughout college and lives a life that reflects Christ.

Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
The Apostle Paul! Even in his hardest, most persecuted times, he wrote Philippians and showed us how to continue in our joy in Christ.

If you could have superhero powers, what would they be?
I would like to be able to fly to avoid bad city traffic.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I would love to live in Hawaii. I went there on vacation back in 2009, and I enjoyed being surrounded by water in every direction.