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Sexuality and the College Hookup Culture

Mikel Del Rosario on May 7, 2014

What’s behind the over-emphasis on sexuality and the hookup culture on many college campuses?

On an episode of the Table Podcast, Dr. Darrell Bock asked Matt Bennett and Tim Adhikari of Christian Union about the social challenges facing Christian students at Princeton University.  One of the things that came out of this discussion was how a value of personal autonomy plays into how students view moral truth and sexuality.

At Princeton, a discussion of personal ethics in terms of sex and sexuality seems to overwhelm even hot-button issues like same-sex marriage.

In this short video clip, Matt and Tim define the hookup culture and explain the challenge of personal autonomy in the context of ministering to college students.

Regardless of the manifestations, the main challenge in terms of helping students navigate sexual ethics seems to be the idea of personal autonomy. Rather than merely appealing to moral commands and principles in the Bible, those who minister on college campuses may help students begin a reflective process by explaining the truth that ended up in the Bible—especially when engaging with those who do not recognize the authority of the Bible.

Get the in rest of the conversations. Watch the full episode of Religious Pluralism and the Hookup Culture at Princeton