Practical Ways to Culturally Engage

February 19, 2013
Mark L. Bailey, D. Jeffrey Bingham, Darrell L. Bock, and Jenny McGill
Cultural engagement is more than a clash of ideas. What other ways besides conflict can we culturally engage? How do we think about engagement in the context of our lives from 9AM-5PM?
How do we practically engage for the cause of Christ within our daily lives?
What is the value in extending a hand to others as a means of engagement? Examples of how we engage through public service
What should the engaged Christian who models Christian values look like? Examples of cross cultural neighborhood engagement
How important are my actions in showing Christ?
How do we balance the word of the gospel and deed to serve in cultural engagement?
Dr. Bailey discusses major challenges for American Christianity in a context where the Christian cultural backdrop is being lost and our political influence is waning. Example of a practical way to share Christ
Dr. Bailey closes the discussion by referencing Acts 17 and the variety of responses Paul received at Mars Hill