Stanton Jones Brown Bag: Questions on Ministry to Homosexuals

January 22, 2013
Darrell L. Bock, Michael Brown, and Stanton Jones
How do I prevent my view on a particular topic from effecting my ministry to others? Studies on gay and lesbian parenting; knowing your personal and professional identity.
How do I reach out and love the gay and lesbian community? How do I educate my church on this topic?
How do I not start with moral judgment toward a homosexual? How Wheaton College disciplines in this area.
What is next for homosexuality? Understanding the effects of living in a fallen world.
The erosion of fundamentals regarding the act of sex and marriage in today’s culture.
Other than prayer and sharing your testimony, what more can we do as Christians to bring people to Christ?
How to address homosexuals who claim to be Christian but escape accountability for their sin? Is the situation today different from “the ancient world” in Scripture?
Recommended sources (including books) for the latest on homosexuality. Difficulty of publishing a conservative view on this topic.
Addressing relapses: God gives us the capacity to control our behavior.
Many of today’s companies support the same-sex marriage movement. As a consumer, how should this affect our behavior?
On the issue of the effectiveness of sexual reorientation.