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Michael J. Svigel

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Theological Studies

BS, Philadelphia Biblical University, 1996; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2001; PhD, 2008.

Michael J. Svigel (rhymes with “eagle”) has written or coauthored numerous resources targeting a Christian lay audience. As a scholar he regularly presents papers at the Evangelical Theological Society and has published articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, Trinity Journal, and Studia Patristica. His book titles include RetroChristianity: Reclaiming the Forgotten Faith, Heroes and Heretics: Solving the Modern Mystery of the Ancient Church, and he is co-editor of the Exploring Christian Theology series. Many of his written works—from scholarly articles to theological humor—can be found online at www.bible.org or www.retrochristianity.com. He and his wife, Stephanie, have three children, Sophie, Lucas, and Nathan.

Michael J. Svigel
TODD 109
  • -
  • ST101 - Introduction to Theology
  • ST102 - Trinitarianism
  • ST103 - Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology
  • ST104 - Soteriology
  • ST105 - Sanctification and Ecclesiology
  • ST106 - Eschatology
  • HT101 - The Church to the Modern Era
  • HT102 - The Church in the Modern Era: Europe and America
  • -
  • HT200 - History of Doctrine
  • HT215 - The Theology of the Early Church
  • HT225 - Seminar on the History and Theology of the Middle Ages
  • HT245 - Theology of Karl Barth
  • RS102 - Research and Summary of Christian Doctrine
  1. Svigel, Michael J., "The Center of Ignatius of Antioch's Catholic Christianity." Studia Patristica 45 (2010). 367–371.
  2. Svigel, Michael J., "Christ as Arche in Revelation 3:14—Source, Ruler, or Beginning?." Bibliotheca Sacra April-June 2004, no. 161 (2004). 215-231.
  3. Svigel, Michael J., "The Phantom Heresy: Did the Council of Ephesus (431) Condemn Chiliasm?." Trinity Journal 24 (2003). 105-112.
  4. Svigel, Michael J., "The Apocalypse of John and the Rapture of the Church: A Reevaluation." Trinity Journal 22 (2001). 23-74.

Academic Interests

  • Early church
  • Christology
  • Eschatology
  • Ecclesiology

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

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