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Ramesh P. Richard

Professor of Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries

B.Com., Madras Christian College, 1973; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979; Th.D., 1982; Ph.D., University of Delhi, 1991.

Dr. Ramesh Richard, a member of the Seminary faculty for more than twenty six years, is the founder and president of Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health (RREACH), a global proclamation ministry that seeks to evangelize leaders and strengthen pastors of developing economies. He has ministered in over ninety countries, including a role as pulpit pastor of the Delhi Bible Fellowship in New Delhi, India. In concert with Dallas Seminary, RREACH sponsors the Global Proclamation Academy to connect the future leadership of world Christianity. Dr. Richard is also the founder and chair of the Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC), as well as the voice behind LifeRocks.org, a website focused on uplifting, encouraging and inspiring believers in their daily life. His teaching interests include expository preaching and the spiritual life. His research interests include global pastoral training, contemporary world trends, hermeneutics for homiletics, and applied Christian apologetics, with special reference to the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ramesh P. Richard
  • PM101 - Spiritual Life
  • PM251 - Evangelistic Preaching
  • PM201 - Expository Preaching III
  • WM510 - Theological Issues in Contemporary Missiology
  • WM530 - Cross-cultural Apologetics and Worldview Evangelism
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Academic Interests

  • Global pastoral training
  • Contemporary (and future) world trends
  • Hermeneutics for homiletics
  • Applied Christian apologetics
  • Christological uniqueness in the present

Personal Interests

  • Family
  • Travel
  • Light work outs
  • Global affairs and trends
  • Shopping for gifts and collectibles

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