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Richard T. Lumadue is a former faculty member of DTS. This page is maintained as a reference.

Richard T. Lumadue

Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries

ABS, Moody Bible Institute, 2000; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2005; PhD, The University of North Texas, 2007.

Richard Lumadue served as a church-planting missionary in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea for six years. There he developed an alphabet for the Kafe tribe through the process of applied linguistics and phonemics as well as wrote literacy materials to teach the language to the people. During Rick’s time at Dallas Seminary he served as a pastoral intern and resident at his local church. He also worked in the Pastoral Ministries department as a graduate teaching assistant prior to joining the faculty. Rick and his wife, Robin, have four children.

Richard T. Lumadue
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Academic Interests

  • History of higher education
  • Homiletics
  • The use of technology in higher education