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Nathan D. Holsteen

Professor of Theological Studies

BS, Louisiana State University, 1983; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1992; PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1996.

Dr. Holsteen has worked full-time in engineering and in ministry, and also has served as adjunct professor for The Criswell College and for Dallas Seminary before joining the faculty in 2005. He particularly is interested in encouraging students to be fully engaged in the world outside the seminary walls, and loves to discuss the development of theological systems, especially in Reformation and post-Reformation contexts. He and his wife, Janice, have two children.

Nathan D. Holsteen
TODD 107
  • HT101 - The Church to the Modern Era
  • HT235 - Seminar on the History and Theology of the Reformation
  • RS102 - Senior Research Seminar
  • ST101 - Theological Method and Bibliology
  • ST102 - Trinitarianism
  • ST103 - Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology
  • ST104 - Soteriology
  • ST105 - Sanctification and Ecclesiology
  • ST106 - Eschatology
  • ST220 - Issues in Dispensational Theology
  • ST295 - Systematic Theology Colloquium
  • ST315 - Theology of Hebrews
  • ST520 - Issues in Science and Theology
  1. Holsteen, Nathan D., "The Trinity in the Book of Hebrews." Bibliotheca Sacra 168, no. 671 (2011). 334-346.
  2. Holsteen, Nathan D., "Review of Nothing but the Truth: The Inspiration, Authority, and History of the Bible Explained." Bibliotheca Sacra 165, no. 657 (2008). 101-102.
  3. Holsteen, Nathan D., "Review of Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology." Bibliotheca Sacra 164, no. 655 (2007). 364-365.

Academic Interests

  • Reformation / post-Reformation Scottish theology
  • Theological systems
  • Foundations of dispensationalism
  • Theological prolegomena

Personal Interests

  • Piano
  • Basketball
  • Personal computing