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Stanley D. Toussaint is a former faculty member of DTS. This page is maintained as a reference.

Stanley D. Toussaint

Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Adjunct Professor in Bible Exposition

B.A., Augsburg College, 1951; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1955; Th.D., 1957.

A pastor-teacher committed to expository preaching, Dr. Toussaint enjoys both roles. He has taught at Dallas Seminary since 1960 and pastored for more than 20 years. An editor, author, teacher, and conference speaker, he has taught in Christian schools in the Middle East, Australia, and the Far East and has ministered in the pulpit literally around the world.

Stanley D. Toussaint
Sorry, we don't currently have a list of this faculty member's regular courses.
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Academic Interests

  • The theology of the Kingdom
  • New Testament epistles

Personal Interests

  • Fishing
  • Traveling